Studio / Grids Checkpoint #1

I'm proud of these students, this project is a marathon. The second picture is more complete, she started it last year so don't worry-everyone is on task.  More later.

Scholastic Award Entries 2016-17!

Individual Entries from Mr. Fontinha


Portfolios from Mr. Fontinha

Mackenzie Lally, Class of 2017

I’m interested in ideas of nostalgia. Through my experimentation with color I want the viewer to experience shared memories and feelings. My goal is to visually communicate a personal interpretation of the world around me. I rely on the emotional character of mark making only possible in paint to connect with the viewer. I hope my work can allow one to ask questions, rather than generate answers.

Individual Entries from Mr. Stansfield


Portfolios from Mr. Stansfield


Janelle Gibson, Class of 2017

Horses have always been a large part of my life. I am the girl that never grew out of that “phase”. I find peace at the barn and feel whole when I look into a horse’s eyes. My goal for my work is to share this feeling. How I decide what to capture depends on the emotions I feel. I like to photograph eyes when I feel peaceful. Full body action shots come from amazement at how graceful the creatures are. My work focus changes as I continue to learn and have new ideas.


Aaron Edwards, Class of 2017

There are two sides to my artistry, the bright and colorful side then the dark and scary side. Lost: The Limbo Chapter details my fear of death and what I feel Limbo would look like after death. I round this out with my favorite artist, Kanye West in a darker moment. He says something to the effect of " I Feel Like Pablo" referring to Pablo Picasso, an innovator within art but also struck with depression as well. This is what I am faced with everyday as I've attempted to handle my mother's death for the past four years of my life.


Keagan Walsh, Class of 2017

My photographs depict the pure joy and innocence in the eyes of Guatemalan children. Through my photographs people see a different point of view, most people think of developing countries as places of hopelessness but my photographs show the complete opposite. This is their everyday life. Having the pleasure of living it with these people helped me to receive a totally new perspective on the way I live.


Gia Williams, Class of 2017

I see the same thing, same way everyday. This lends itself to repetitive thought and stagnation; you cannot grow unless you experience new things. Or, conversely, experience the same thing in a new way. Photography goes beyond the limitations of the human eye and allows the photographer to control exactly what the viewer sees. This freedom turns the mundane into something more interesting - stories are easier to tell when there's more to work with. This collection focuses on the town center that I have been staring at for the past twelve years; a place that I think I'm familiar with but, if I try, I can explore further.


Madison Horner, Class of 2017

My photography captures emotions, feelings and truth. I play off of emotions the subject is showing me and use the combination of lighting and scenic backgrounds to vividly express what the person may be feeling.

Drawing 1 Week 4

These are copies of a conceptual drawing made by Sol LeWitt.  Even when given specific things to copy, the individual style of each artist finds its way into the work.  Shading and spacing were two critical components to this activity.  The piano is played by SHS student K.T. Taylor.

Portraits of Boys

Two of my students that are each in an Independent Study have been working on portraits of people they know.  They used very different techniques to make these paintings, and have been working side by side.  It seemed appropriate to show them this way. 

Left: Cole by Mackenzie Lally     Right: Alec by Gianna DeNapoli

Art College Presentations

All on Wednesdays, all at 2:15, all this fall.  Anyone interested in art school should come to all of them.  They will be over by 3.